Tuesday, June 2, 2009

3 year anniversary

A Southern California boy...

And a Southern girl...

=True Love!

Tim and I have been together for 5 1/2 years now and happily married for 3 years! June 2, 2006 was the best day of my life. I was sealed for time and all eternity to the greatest man, the love of my life, my best friend. Happy Anniversary Tim!

I love the first picture of Tim back in his college years. He is puffing out dry ice with his buddies...haha. (I know.) It always makes me smile and laugh though because that is basically when our story began. When I first met Tim that is exactly what he looked like. He had big hair, an oversized sweatshirt, shorts, and flip-flops in the beginning of January in Utah! A true Californian. I vividly remember that my first thought of him was, "What a punk." I also remember thinking that just by judging by what he was wearing he seemed like one of those guys that is genuinely so hilarious and totally fun to hang out with, but he probably plays video games all day. haha I even went as far as thinking, "Watch. I'm going to end up marrying this kid." I was totally joking to myself and I would have never thought in a million years it would have come true! But I'm sure glad it did. ;o)

So, I thought I would start old school and post some pics of us throughout the past 5 years up until our first wedding anniversary because that is when I started this blog. Enjoy!

July 2004: My first year at the annual Hart family beach house!

June 2005: In Sundance on the bridge where Tim proposed on February 4, 2005.

August 2005

August 2005: By Bubba Gump restaurant in Hawaii!

August 2005: Eating Mahi-Mahi in Hawaii!

Halloween 2005: We were cholos. haha

Halloween 2005

March 2006

June 2006: Waving good-bye at the end of our wedding reception!

June 2006: Our honeymoon at the Bahamas!

July 2006: Married for 1 month!

October 2006: Thanksgiving Point

November 2006

December 2006: We just recently found out we were having our first girl!

April 2007: A family picture as two in the hospital right before we became a family of three!

Marisa arrived into our family!

Tim and I got married, had a baby, and both graduated from BYU (Tim with his masters) ALL before our first wedding anniversary!

Now we are anxiously waiting to become a family of four. We will have two little girls to share our love with in a couple of months. I'm looking forward to many, many more major milestones and adventures together in the many years to come!

I just heart us.


Janna said...

Happy Anniversary. You make a nice chola, Tanya

Kristen said...

In another life... I look exactly like you!! Congrats on your journey, I know you've been through a lot my love, and you deserve every bit of happiness.

Elaine said...

Happy Anniversary you two.

Katie Torriente: said...

I love this post. It was so fun to look at all of your cute pictures, you guys are adorable!!!

Kari said...

Yeah for you guys. Tim I'm glad you cut your hair. I hope Sara makes you buzz it for the wedding! Go Lakers!

thewestenskows.blogspot.com said...

Happy Anniversary. You guys are too cute!


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