Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sara and Mike's Wedding

My beautiful sister-in-law Sara got married in the Los Angeles temple this past Saturday! It was a beautiful sealing, a beautiful reception, and a beautiful day! Congratulations Mike and Sara! We love you both!

Waiting outside the L.A. temple for Mike and Sara to come out!

Van and Marisa the two-year-old cousins being silly!

Van looking like a stud!

Marisa going up and down the steps!

Mr. and Mrs. Barnett!

The Wayne Hart Fam!

Sara and all the girl grandkids!

The candy stand! The grandkids' favorite!

The beautiful centerpieces!

The lemon slices actually looked really tasty to me!

A small portion of the massive fruit bar!

Tim and Carin with the cooks at the pasta bar!

Me and Leslie!

Mr. and Mrs. Hart!

Marisa and Mommy!

Enjoying the chocolate fountain treats! Another grandkid favorite!

Leslie and Natalie!

First dance as a married couple!

Daddy and his little girls dancing during the daddy/daughter dance!

Marisa ready to dance the night away...

...and dancing she did!


Stephanie said...

That's nice your sister is around. Is she going to BYU this fall? Is your mom going to come? I like Marisa's shoes!

Elaine said...

It was a fun day. Your camera takes great pictures. I didn't get to take many. I really would like a copy of all of your pictures.

The Lambs said...

Beautiful wedding- it makes me want to do it all over again- Thank goodness for little siblings I guess huh? You are beautiful- I hope you're sleeping more!

Parkinson Family said...

the kids look great! you look great! love the yellow!


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