Thursday, May 13, 2010


This morning I had double duty at the doctor's office. I realized last night that it probably wasn't the best idea because I remembered that they both have to get shots. Good one, I know.

But it actually went very well. I was banking on the fact that Marisa has only cried once in her whole life from getting a shot. Crazy, huh? She is one tough cookie. So needless to say, Marisa didn't cry at all, wasn't scared at all, and right after her two shots she just bounced off my lap and said, "Ok, now for Jamba Juice!" (Which I promised as an incentive to be good/brave during shots. And it turns out I didn't need to do that. Oh well.)
After a couple of free books and stickers from the doc for good check-ups, we were off. Healthy and happy. Two thumbs up.

Natalie Marie
Weight: 15 pounds 10 ounces 5 percentile
Height: 27" 28 percentile
Head: 17" 27 percentile

Marisa Mae
Weight: 29 pounds 30 percentile
Height: 36 1/4" 30 percentile


kelsie and levi said...

Hey! I LOVE that last pic too. I don't think any settings were changed on my camera, but I used FlickR to edit them all. Let me know if you have any other questions! I figured out through blogstalking someone else's blog :)

Stacy Christian said...

I love that picture of Natalie with the towel over her head!! So cute!


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