Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Whole Foods Market has an app on the iphone where you can type in what food item you have on hand and it will pull up recipes you can use with that item.
I'm addicted.
I found these two yummy recipes that I tried out today.

Homemade Black Bean Burger

Flourless Brownies

The nice thing about the burger is that you can play around with it. For example, I added shredded swiss chard because I had a ton I needed to use up. And I put the patty onto mini burger buns. Looked cute and way good for you! Enjoy!


Jennifer said...

This answered my concern in the other post... I should download this ap, maybe it'll help me cook! Though, I'm not sure if it can give me something for cereal, cheese, celery and cookie dough ice cream... that's about all I have around right now.

But that looks great! Good job mama!

loganandlisapratt.blogspot.com said...

Mmmm... made the black bean burgers last night! So yummy!


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