Sunday, September 19, 2010


Check me out.
I'm busting out of my comfort zone left and right lately. Spontaneous last minute long distance travels and now camping just for fun on a whim. Dang.

Our ward had a ward camping activity at a nearby wilderness park last night. I was actually planning on going for the night activities and then leaving with Natalie to sleep at home because camping with a one-year old would be disastrous! But, yet again, my amazing sis-in-law offered to take Natalie for the night so I can camp. Although I was fine with staying home with Natalie, and I mean really fine, I am actually really happy that I got to spend more one on one time with my Marisa AND my hubby. It seems like it has been a really long time since it was just the three of us. Marisa loved our extra attention.

The minute Marisa over heard me talk about camping she immediately shouted with joy, "I want to go camping!" So we had to go to this activity. She asked me everyday until it was time to go, "Are we going camping yet?" or "Now can we go camping?"
Once we set up our tent at the camp Marisa wanted to stay inside the whole time. During the night activities she kept saying, "Let's go back to the tent." Over and over again. haha

Marisa was tickled silly that we set up sleeping bags and blankets and that we were actually all sleeping together! It was super cold last night so we all bundled up and cuddled close together. It really was a moment to remember. Just us three camping under the stars.

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