Wednesday, September 15, 2010

first day of preschool {co-op}

I would say that Marisa's second favorite thing about preschool is her backpack. (Or how she says it, her "pack-pack".) Look how sassy she is showing me her Roxy backpack! Love her!

A group of mothers and I started a preschool co-op this year for our kids. We bought a really neat curriculum online and we rotate teaching. Preschool in California is ridiculously expensive, about the same as BYU tuition, so this is a great alternative.

I taught first and Marisa loves it. She loves the schedule/structure and she loves learning in general so learning in this type of environment is right up her alley.
Her favorite part about preschool is that she has a lunch box and that she gets to bring it to school! She was so excited to pack it and tell me what she wanted to eat. It is actually really cute because I think all the kids were the most excited about lunch too. They all excitedly pulled out their lunchboxes from their backpacks and eagerly showed everyone else at the table what they had in their lunch boxes! It was so cute.

I look forward to the curriculum this school year, I look foward to monthly fieldtrips and holiday parties, and I look forward to the things Marisa will come home to tell me. But, Marisa, can you please stop growing up?! I want you to be 3 forever! I really, really do.


Fisher Family said...

She is adorable Tanya!

Lindsie said...

She's the most in-style preschooler I've ever seen. But one could not expect anything less coming from her darling mom!


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