Thursday, September 27, 2012

little funnies

Lately the girls have been having bad dreams and remembering them.

One night we had both girls at different times come to our bed a little frightened and needing some comfort. I remember doing the same thing to my parents as a little girl. Have we entered this stage already? In the morning they recounted their nightmares.

Marisa's dream in summary:
"I had a dream that we went to the museum and you and Dad wanted to see a picture but I wanted to see a different picture and when I got close to the picture the dinosaur said, 'ROAR!'"

And Natalie what was your dream?
"The bird came and got me."

Ever since that night we have had repeated visits throughout many sleepless nights and the nightmares are starting to get a little more elaborate in story and detailing.... :)

Along with the funny nightmare situation, the girls are at a new cognitive level which has Tim and I in bed every night laughing at just how funny our girls are.

-Marisa has this new song that she likes to sing really, really loud when busily walking or waiting on the bus. It is the funniest thing because the tune sounds like a rock song that she is just jamming to while in her own little world. And did I mention it is really loud?
"Duhnahdownow, now, now, duhnahnadownow, dow, now, duhnahdow, dow, dow..."
I don't ever want to forget that tune. Tim and I just laugh to ourselves every time she busts out singing.

-Natalie's prayer as of late: "I love Mom, Dad, Marisa, and the baby. Whatever mom eats the baby eats. I wish there were two babies but there is only one. Amen."

-Natalie pretending to be a beaver: "I'm a baby fever!"

-After nursery one day Natalie told me she had milk at school and then said, "The cows made milk with them's nibbles."

-After kissing Natalie on the forehead she said, "I love you the best Momma. I do."

Being a mom rocks.

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