Monday, October 1, 2012

First day of school!

I have failed to mention earlier that school has started around here. It has been such a crazy whirlwind starting nursery for the first time for Natalie, having to adjust our schedules to being somewhere every single morning, planning at least a month's worth of homeschool education for Marisa whilst waiting for a reply from the admissions office to start public school somewhere, finally getting an acceptance letter from admissions, school shopping, and readjusting to another new schedule now that we have both girls in different schools. Phew!

Tim and I have fully recognized that we have entered a new stage in our lives. Gone are the carefree, unplanned days and holidays at any time. Our travel plans will have to be constrained to only summer? Bummer. We have definitely enjoyed our years of freedom and the baby years of parenting, but we look very much forward to this new chapter. How quickly our children grow!

While pregnant with Marisa I envisioned her first day of kindergarten with excitement and eagerness. A few years after having Marisa I would just cry at the even thought of her leaving me and going to kindergarten! Now that we are living this moment, with all the difficulties in trying to get Marisa into school, I didn't think I was going to cry at all because I am just so glad that she is even IN school! "Go play, go have fun, go make friends, go learn, off you go!" is all I could think of the moment I hung up with her school on the phone telling me she was accepted. I instantly cried at that moment and fell on my knees in gratitude that the school situation has finally been resolved but I didn't cry today on her official first day of school. That is major for me!

Marisa had a fantastic first day of school. She jumped right in, made friends, and didn't skip a beat regardless that school has already been going on for 3 weeks now for her peers. It was nice to hear from her teacher that, "Marisa is very confident."
While walking to our bus stop home Marisa enthusiastically told me the events of her day while skipping and with a big grin on her face. I was just so elated watching her.  Apparently, Marisa read the little note I left in her lunch box to her friends and I scored some major mom points on that one. I know that won't last long so I'm going to relish in it for now. Marisa said she can't wait to read my note the next day. :)

My biggest anchor to this new way of life began with Tim giving the girls and me a back to school blessing. There is nothing more comforting than knowing that the Lord is watching over us as a family and as individuals, ready to provide peace and support in this new journey. Feeling very blessed right now.

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Elaine said...

I'm so glad Marisa enjoyed her first day of school. May the school year be fantastic and fun for both girls.


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