Saturday, October 6, 2012

High School Reunion

I am such a dork at heart. But I'm going to go ahead and just say it...

My 4 years of high school were some of the best years of my life.

There, I said it!

But it is so true. I have such fond memories of those years. I truly enjoyed every year and lived each teenage moment. I also had some of the best group of girlfriends and friends any girl could ask for. Even to this day I stay connected to them and will forever love my friends.

Today is our 10 year high school reunion. I even looked forward to this moment as a senior in high school! So I'm actually incredibly sad I am unable to attend for obvious reasons out of my control. Ce la vie!

I don't have old HS photos that I could scan and entertain you all with, as those photos are back in CA, nor do I have 10 year after shots of me and my friends at this reunion. But I do have some funny awesome videos to show you so you can catch a glimpse of my high school life in the South where football, cheerleading, rednecks, ATL rappers, and "yes ma'ams" roam the countryside.

To give you some insight and explanation I will start with saying that football is the living air and water of the souls of the Southerners. Yes, during my senior year, one scholar cheerleader and one scholar fooball player from each school attended a county scholar athlete celebration and it felt like I was seated at a baptist church listening to a sermon on the greatness of football. I remember looking around thinking, "Is this for real?" It was for real.

Anyway, this past football season was our 10th year and Grayson High School won the state championship title and received national recognition. We the 2002 Alumni were definitely so proud. The students of exactly 10 years later from us made a short video taunting a rival school for a big game in which the this said rival school cleverly replied back. I was quite impressed with both videos and the clean language and friendly rivalry they showed. And I loved that it encompassed everything I loved about HS.
There are a lot of inside jokes and such that you may not get but the videos are so funny and entertaining. (For me at least.) Enjoy!

Oh yeah, I'm proud to say that Grayson High School won the game, obviously. Go Rams!

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