Thursday, February 21, 2013

2 month check

When Darren was a few weeks old it seemed like I had him for much longer. And now that he is 2 months old I feel like I just had him!

Weight: 11 pounds 4.99 (kg)
Height: 22 inches 57.5(cm)

Darren, of course, has been a wonderful addition to our family. He is a very smiley baby. Especially in the morning. He will even stop in the middle of nursing just to smile at me. And at the very sight of his sisters there is an instant smile as well. You can tell he just simply adores them. I have been told numerous times that my girls are going to be heart breakers and upon someone at church watching him smile at me from a distance this person said, "Oh dear, he is going to be heart breaker." Seriously, his smiles make me melt. I'm smitten!
But when Darren does get upset...he. is. upset! He goes from 0-60 real fast! And he has the cutest saddest face ever. He has this melt your heart pouty bottom lip that comes out that is just killer to my heart!

Darren has acquired numerous nicknames in this household, such as, Handsome Man, Handsome Boy, Buddy, Mr. Smiles, Milkman, D-man, and Darren Boy. The girls came up with "Darren Boy". They usually say it with their high pitched little motherly voices, "Daaarren boyyy!..." It is precious.

As you can imagine, we all love him and are simply smitten. My lips seem to never leave this boy's face. I smoother this little boy of mine with kisses all. day. long. I just love my little boyfriend!

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Jamie said...

What a good-looking little guy. You and Tim make such beautiful children.


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