Sunday, August 18, 2013

Beverly Hills & Hollywood

My sister, Leslie, has come into town to visit us for a couple of weeks! Natalie jumped out of her car seat and quickly opened the car door to give Leslie a big hug when we picked her up at the airport. We are a little excited to see her. ;)
Visitors equals another excuse to explore the land we live on. Leslie has never been to Beverly Hills and I haven't been to parts of Hollywood. So, lets go!

Our first stop was at the famous Sprinkles cupcakes. Tim and I have decided that even Sprinkles doesn't compare to the red velvet cupcakes in London. Hands down Sweet Couture wins. So to avoid a cupcake disappointment I ordered the raspberry cupcake instead. MMMmmm good!
We took our famous cupcakes and ate them at the famous Beverly Garden Park across the way.
After our treat we drooled some more as we window shopped along the famous Rodeo Drive. The only thing that would have truly topped our morning LA experience is to have seen a famous person.

After lunch Tim dropped me and Leslie off at Hollywood Blvd to quickly scope out the famous walk of stars. (Darren was asleep in the car and this tourist destination is crazy busy. Not really a place for three littles in tow.) We just walked up and back down on the opposite side of the street and made a few necessary stops along the way. It was pretty cool and pretty Hollywood.

And what is more Hollywood than the famous Hollywood sign?

Peace out, LA.

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