Saturday, September 7, 2013

and just like that...

...I'm a soccer mom!

I have been looking forward to Marisa's first soccer game. I think it is only fitting to be officially welcomed out of having only babies at home into having school aged kids via a soccer game on a Saturday!
I drive a minivan...I have three kids...I'm a soccer mom...I'm turning 30 on my next wonder I colored my hair recently. Growing pains for all of us!

This is the first year for this age group where they have goalies and are learning positions. In addition, this year is a bigger field than years past. Couple that with the fact that this is Marisa's first year of soccer and that she has never seen a game of soccer before, we had one little girl on information overload on the field! Oh yeah, and it was like almost 100 degrees outside too. Poor girl!


(I can't get enough of that little pink bow on the dang cute!)

"2-4-6-8- Who do we appreciate?!" (After game cheer for the opposing team. Who we beat by the way. Not that it matters...*wink wink*)

Marisa did great for her first game. She was hesitant every time the ball came towards her and she could use a little dose of aggressiveness,  (which is 100% against her nature), but she was happy, she loved it, and we have all season to learn the game. You sure look darn cute out there girly! We love you, Marisa!

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