Saturday, March 29, 2014

a breath of fresh air

I was selfish today. I wanted Tim all to myself. I didn't even go to watch the General Women's Conference today because I wanted to be with Tim.
Busy season sure drowned me this year and all I needed was to come up for a little bit of air. And the beach is my oxygen. Tim, family, beach = a breath of fresh air.

We took the kids for a quick little afternoon spent at The Montage. And it felt GOOD! You can tell from each one of us that it lifted our spirits individually just that much more.

We tried to keep up with Darren's need for destruction and tried to stear him away from completely demolishing his sisters' creations. We couldn't build fast enough!

{Hi, buddy! Yes, I'm still here. haha}

{Aaaahhhh...Much better.}

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