Saturday, March 1, 2014

worst busy season ever

whoa. I have been majorly MIA the past couple of months. especially MIA since coming back to the US. I have made it a goal to be more active in my blogging like I used to be. I may not be living in Europe anymore, my life may not be seemingly as exciting anymore, but my life is still richly blessed and my life still goes on and I want to document it all for me and my posterity. So here I go again!

Now...a lot has happened since finding out we were surprisingly expecting our 4th child. As usual, two weeks after finding out I was pregnant the dreaded awful morning sickness hit. The only good thing was that during those two weeks we got Darren weaned from feeding in the night and he slept through the night after just two days. Like I was going to deal with night wakings while puking every night! Psh.

Then Christmas rolled around seemingly fast. We took a trip to GA to be with my family and my sickness got worse while there. I was pretty darn miserable and I completely checked out. The only good in this situation was that I had extra hands other than Tim's to take over my duties while I slept so much and wept from hunger that could never be satisfied because everything smelled awful and even good food eventually came out the same way it came in anyways.

Now cue January. Start of the worst busy season I or I should say we have ever experienced. 3 kids, one still a baby, juggling life with morning sickness and with said 3 kids, my 30th birthday and Valentine's day (my fav holiday) out the window, 95 hours in one week, waking up in the wee morning hours finding out Tim is still working after 22 hours straight, can I paint an uglier picture for you?? Because I actually can.

Worst. Busy. Season. Ever.

Morning sickness, biggest obstacle, is now gone. It is now taking everything I have to just survive the next few weeks. I don't need to be happy at the end of March. I just need to make it alive!

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