Saturday, April 12, 2014

My American girl

To celebrate her birthday, Marisa chose to go to The American Girl Store and get her first American Girl doll! By the looks of the picture she was just a *little* bit excited. ;)

A couple weeks out from her birthday she would walk up to the calendar on our fridge and count down to this day. She would even wake up and tell me before I got out of bed or before breakfast how many days left until she got her doll. She would also look everyday at her American Girl magazine and in advance picked out what doll she wanted, the name of her doll, the doll's outfit and accessories, and the doll's pet.
I love her enthusiasim! That extra sparkle to her sweet little girl innocence made me wish I was a little girl again!

It didn't take long once the doors opened to dash in there and grab exactly what she had previously decided to get. No hesitations, no second thoughts, no deviation from her list.

I had made reservations to eat at the cafe for her birthday lunch with Grandma, me, Natalie, and of course, Marisa, and it was probably the cutest thing I have ever done. The cafe decor consisted of pink, black, and white, fancy seating and chandeliers, and dressed up waiters ready to cater to every little girl and their doll
(Natalie didn't have a doll but the cafe had a wall of extra dolls for girls to borrow during lunch. How thoughtful! So I loved that Natalie got to participate in the excitement.) Each doll was personally given a seat at the table and even served a pink plate and tiny white cup. Because they too have appetites you know. 

Our meal consisted of a warm welcome of cinnamon buns, a first course, the entree, and finally dessert. The details of everything had the little girl in me squealing with joy!

Everyone, meet Maria!

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