Sunday, April 27, 2014


Natalie has yet again hit an interesting stage in her childhood development. She is asking a lot of questions these days on top of her non-stop talking personality. Sometimes I have to turn around and take a deep breath because I just want to say, "I don't know! Stop talking to me!" haha But I obviously don't and couldn't ever. This new curiosity and new insight in her little world has her saying some pretty clever and cute things that I want to document.

-While trying to stall having to go to bed, even though we had already put her to bed, Natalie walks into our room and in her sweet little girl voice that Dad can never deny she says, "But Dad tell me about your day. What did you do at work today?"

-During Marisa's eye exam at the optometrist, Natalie noticed that her big sister wasn't able to identify the letters. (Obviously Marisa didn't have her glasses on and Natalie has fine vision.) So to help a sista out she leans forward and loudly whispers, "Effffff!!!" (The letter was "F")

-For whatever reason Natalie has been forgetting how to start and end her prayers. One night she was way off. She started:

Dear Jesus Christ, I wish...

Me: "Uh, no, no, no, no! Stop right there and start all over! Let's try, Dear Heavenly Father, I'm thankful for..."

-I estimated wrong how much I needed to turn while doing a U-turn at a tight intersection. I totally hit the curb which caused the van to make a big bump and jolt. Natalie in her sweet voice from the back asked, "Mom...did we just kill someone???"

-While Natalie and Darren were both trying to sit on Tim's lap at the dinner table, Tim said, "Whoa, I can't fit both of you on my lap." Natalie then sharply stares at Tim and sternly says, "Pick one!" haha Talk about pressure on picking your favorite kid!

-I asked Natalie why certain toys weren't picked up when I had already asked her to awhile ago. Her clever response back was, "Maybe it was the mean guy."
"Mean guy?"
"Yeah the mean know...Satan."

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BWei said...

These totally made me laugh out loud!! Awesome.


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