Tuesday, August 25, 2015

First day of school // 3rd and 1st

This school year is going to be a little life changing for me.

Last year was flat out crazy. I had a 2nd grader in school all day, a Kinder with a half-day schedule, a 20 month old with a toddler schedule and a 1 month old with newborn needs who eventually went from no schedule, to 3 naps, to 2 naps, to 1 nap by beginning of summer.

I had 4 completely. different. schedules. at the same time.

NOW both older girls are together in school all day. Both babies are down to one nap/day and at the same time. So this opens up a whole new world for me! Needless to say, I'm looking forward to a more calmer school year, being more available to each of my kids' individual needs, and finally exploring and discovering my personal interests!

Of course, watching your kids get older and not stay as your little babies anymore can be a dagger to the heart when you really stop to reflect on it, but this year I'm honestly really not that sad.
As I observe my girls from day to day I have started to notice they are turning into little young women with eagerness to explore the world around them. Their thoughts, their imaginations, their curiosities are expanding! I can see their wings starting to sprout and flutter! I want to see them fly! And that makes me happy!
Cheers to another growing school year!

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