Thursday, August 13, 2015


There's nothing better than getting a phone call from your sister asking, 
"Wanna go to the Taylor Swift concert?" / "Yeah!" / "Wanna go in Seattle?" / "Sure!"

 Girl's trip!
Neither one of us had been to Seattle, WA before. We were eager to get to know the place and check out the scene (but probably more eager to see T.Swift. I mean, hello!) And do any of you plan your trips around food? We totally do. 
Here is our quick run down of our whirlwind of a weekend in Seattle...

Leslie arrived before I did so she got to shop before picking me up to go back to do some more shopping. ha! First stop, Bellevue Square for shopping and dinner. A local friend told me about Din Tai Fung for some yummy dumplings. Aren't they beautiful?

Before heading back to our hotel to rest up for the next day's itinerary we stopped at Richmond Beach Saltwater park to chill by the Puget Sound. I love the sound of water. Which is probably why I live in California. So calming.

 After being the old folks that we are we turned ourselves in early to only wake up just as early to get going. 
We are suckers for farmers markets. And for food. And for fun places with food.
First stop, Pike Place Market, ideally located just a short walk away from our hotel.

We witnessed the tradition of fishmongers throwing fish...

and let our eyes feast upon the beauties of an open air market.

{Very first Starbucks}

Ok, the Daily Dozen Doughnut Company in Pike Place had these tiny delicious donuts. You watch them being made right there! We ordered the assorted donuts and my the powdered ones were my fav.

Around the corner from our donuts was the famous Gum Wall. Yes, we bought gum inside the market and yes, we stuck it on the wall when we were done with taking pictures. Just don't think about it and stick it on there.

Next we strolled on over to Waterfront Park to just sit and look out.

For dinner we came across a restaurant called Local360. We highly recommend. Great mood, great vibes, great food.


Day 3 of Seattle started early again with, of course, a walk to the Space Needle!

But wait! On the way we grabbed breakfast: Top Pot Doughnuts. (You don't take pictures of your food? That's too bad...)

{Seattle sure is pretty up here.}

Now for the most awaited part of our trip...

-Taylor Swift-

Leslie and I screamed and danced like high school girls again as we rocked out to all her rad songs and oh yeah, when Fetty Wap walked out!! Whhaaa??!!
Taylor puts on quite a show and it was FUN. FUN. FUN. I didn't think I could love her more and I now I do.

{Leslie: "You need to go home and practice taking selfies!"
Me: "Ugh..."}

Good night, Seattle!

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