Monday, September 7, 2015

{Cancun} Flashback: Day 1

Well how about that...back to back trips on this blog! After our family vacation Tim and I planned our  belated couple/anniversary vacation for the year.

1st anniversary trip: Savannah, GA
2nd anniversary trip: San Francisco, CA
3rd anniversary trip: New York, NY
4th anniversary trip: Las Vegas, NV
5th anniversary trip: Barcelona, Spain
6th anniversary trip: Dubrovnik, Croatia
7th anniversary trip: Honolulu, Hawaii
8th anniversary trip: New York, NY

9th anniversary trip: Cancun, Mexico!

Tim convinced me to take a red-eye to Cancun. His logic: More day time spent vacationing than wasting it away on a plane. He does have a point, but still... ZZZzzzzz. I guess I survived it. I just kept envisioning what my nap will feel like poolside....

It was exactly what I envisioned...

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