Sunday, September 13, 2015

{Cancun} Flashback: Day 3 & 4

The rest of our time in Mexico was 100% spent relaxing, lounging, napping, eating, floating, swimming, reading, and sipping on virgin drinks. ;) Life with four kids and their demanding schedules leaves us with little time to ourselves. A mental break was definitely in order for the both of us. 

We discussed going out again and going zip lining, 4 wheeling, and cave swimming. And as much as I would love to do all those things, again, I was really in the mood for nothing. So we opted for a couples massage instead. A first for the both of us and it. was. heavenly.

We plan on hopefully returning soon with the kids so we can venture out more and plan more excursions with them. Mexico has a lot to offer that we barely touched! For now, hasta luego Mexico!

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