Saturday, March 19, 2016

Strawberry Patch

"Twist and pull!" is the reminder that my oldest child gave her younger siblings as we headed out to the strawberry fields this morning.
Ironically, just the other day when I had already noted on my calendar to take the kids to pick their own strawberries, Marisa randomly asked, "When are we going to go pick strawberries again like we did last year? That was fun." Perfect timing!
The gray clouds, light wind, and the sun peeping out every once in awhile still made for what is looking like another memorable family tradition. Luckily, South Coast Farms, a local farm fav, is close to us to easily make this a yummy yearly trip.

Marisa told me that her favorite thing was that when she twisted and pulled the strawberries off the vine that it would make a kind of popping sound. And I would have to agree! Fresh, delicious strawberries never sounded better!

Natalie was proud to show off the tiniest little strawberry she found. And she is also recounting the many ways we can use all the strawberries we pick, like, strawberry cupcakes, strawberry drink, strawberry smoothies, strawberry frosting...

Cara was surprisingly indifferent to the whole experience. I don't think she liked the uneven ground she had to trek through or the fact that she was mostly likely cold. Poor parenting on bringing her a sweater. Sorry baby. 

Back and forth...

row by row...

With good team effort we collected 12 pounds of strawberries! When we got home we made an assembly line of cutting and storing the strawberries in gallon sized ziplock bags. I have a feeling it isn't going to last too long.

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