Monday, July 18, 2016

{Seattle/Canada} Flashback: Day 1

I've traveled with young kids on planes countless of times and have traveled with young kids to places most people don't dare to. I'd like to consider myself a professional. No shame here. BUT I feel so out of practice lately after not doing it as frequently, especially since I haven't done it with ALL 4 of my kids yet! It's about time! I kept giving myself the pep talk in my room the night before our trip, tilting my head from side to side, "I can do this. I got this." haha

With only 4 carry ons for our family of six for a week (I told you I was a professional) we started this trip wonderfully! The kids were great on the short flight. Except for our rookie mistake by letting the two older girls sit together behind us. (Trust me that changed on the way home.)

Even with the fact that we still had to pick up our rental car once we arrived to the airport and drive a little over an hour to where our cabin was located the kids were still great. Cara was the one I was most worried about during this trip and she surprised us all by being the only one to happily stay awake the entire time until we got home to put them in bed which ended up being close to midnight! All the other kids zonked out in the car and were walking zombies trying to get them to walk into the house.

After a night's rest we woke up excitedly the next day with the soft sun shining in the room to a beautiful morning with the most beautiful scenery...

Located right on the Puget Sound, Tim's boss at work so graciously offered her cabin to us for a few days. It was the most perfect getaway and visit to the PNW. It is so beautiful here!! 
With so much to do but no idea where to start we thought we would immediately take advantage of the low tides and explore.

Over the course of the whole day the water would completely empty twice in the inlet! It was so neat to witness. While walking down the dry inlet we discovered a bridge with a set of swings and enough seashells and rocks waiting to be discovered by my curious kids.

Sand dollars were the most treasured items to be on the look out for according to the kids. Rare enough yet frequent enough to collect quite a few when on a dedicated search for them.

Eventually, with the water slowly flowing back in the late afternoon we quickly busted out the kayaks and floats to enjoy the "bath tub filling up" as my kids would say. Can you believe this happens twice a day?

My buddy. 
{Insert lots of heart eye emojis here!}

Now with the high tide in the evening it made for a perfect time to sit along the shore, listen to the water, and listen to my kids running and still exploring in the distance. Can I paint a prettier picture? Summer is off to a great start I might add! Can't help but smile.

Another reason to smile is this California tot right here. I think Cara belongs to an Idaho family. Surrounded by nature and the open green space around the cabin she was rewarded with the freedom she ever so craves.

Same for this adventurer...

{Oh hey handsome...}

Well, I must say, in addition to owning a beach house in Newport Beach, a flat in London, I want a vacation home right here in PNW. Isn't this so quaint? Some day, right?...

Throughout this semi wrap around porch you can find several small collections of the girls findings earlier in the day. Mind you this is only day 1!

{Here is a fun surprise for ya, can you spot the jellyfish the girls spotted?}

To celebrate the man who made this all possible, we circled around the campfire to end this Father's Day with good ol' s'mores!

Happy Father's Day Tim! Thanks for the man you are. A man with truly a heart of gold. We love you!

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