Tuesday, July 19, 2016

{Seattle/Canada} Flashback: Day 2

The cooler morning the next day provided the perfect opportunity to play badminton, ping-pong, and putting golf balls. According to Marisa, badminton was her most favorite activity of the week. As for Natalie, well, she stomped off crying in complete aggravation because for once, her big sister was grasping the game better than her! It's tough being the competitive, athletic one!

Natalie did eventually calm down and came back for another try. Happier this time. ;)

At one point, Tim and I sent the kids off for a bit so we could enjoy a match just the two of us. Until you have kids you have no idea what a luxury this is! For the record, I beat Tim.

I don't normally buy soda for our house, like ever really, so when the kids found out that there was a fridge in the shed filled with a variety of soda cans there was no stopping their deprived little souls!

Sun's out now! Repeat on water play time!

Our neighbors must have thought us crazy as we started the fire before it was even relatively cool outside. Or even the evening! We were craving s'mores from the day before, ok?! Cara and Darren preferred the popsicles. Still a win-win!

Tonight the kids explored the high tide more fervently. Dares were even administered to each other and I loved listening to their back and forth banter. Sibling competitiveness is always good. ;)

The kids even dared Tim to jump off the bridge right there in the near distance into the freezing water during the highest tide! We all ran over to the side and huddled on a floating board to watch him in action. Great entertainment as he succeeded the jump!

Like father like daughter. Freezing water won't stop her!

The best part of the day happened at 10:30 tonight.
I was laying inside with Cara asleep in the other room while Tim was outside with the older kids. Tim was going to set off fireworks.
All of a sudden I hear, "KA-BOOM, BOOM!"

"What in the world?!?!..."

Natalie and Tim were nervously laughing walking toward the cabin and Darren was flat out nervous and scared. It was the loudest firework I have ever heard. 

Tim response? "I wasn't expecting that."

I guess that is what happens when you set off the firework labeled: 

Umm, Happy... Monday...neighbors?

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