Wednesday, September 5, 2007

On the Go!

Our family has had a lot of exciting events lately. And today is no exception. Marisa is rolling, and rolling, and rolling, and rolling...!
Early this morning after she ate, I laid her down on the floor while I left to go get her toys. As I was walking back to her, I looked up and caught the last little bit of her doing a complete roll to get to this small box nearby. I just stood there, turned to Tim, and said, "Did she just do a complete roll?" He saw the whole thing and replied, "Yes she did!" I couldn't believe it! Just a day or so ago she learned to roll from her tummy to her back. And now she has taken her new skill and running off with it!
So, after Marisa rolled once she was unstoppable the whole day. If she saw something she wanted to touch she just rolled to it! She just kept rolling, and rolling, and rolling, pretty much all day long. It was soooo fun to see!
It's amazing that Tim and I don't get down on the floor with Marisa and teach her all these things that she is learning and has learned. Babies are little miracles in that when the time is right, they do it. I get to witness these miracles everyday! I love being a mommy!

Funny thing: Marisa will roll over anytime she wants to but when we want her to roll over at a specific moment, she won't do it unless we show her a cellphone! A toy does not do the trick. Funny, huh?
So I got her to roll across the room by showing her the cellphone.


Janna said...

I love it when babies roll. It is so cute. Van started sucking his thumb this week. It is cute. I love babies

Kelsie & Levi said...

She is the cutest and I'm so happy for you guys. Levi had to get ACL surgery. He tore it playing church bball in april. dang church sports!


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