Monday, September 10, 2007

Orange County: Home Sweet Home

We have finally made the big move to Orange County! Our new "Home Sweet Home". We moved into a two bedroom apartment and we absolutely love it. We have an ocean view from our front porch! How awesome is that?! Marisa has her own room and has been doing just fine sleeping there by herself. Our place seems really big and spacious considering we have been in a one bedroom for over a year now. It's definetly not a house, like all of my friends are getting, but that is the price we pay for living in California.
We are especially lucky to be living near family. My sister-in-law Kari and her family live within minutes from our place. I'm also especially glad that Marisa will grow up with some of her cousins. She absolutetly loves them! She never whines when they are around. She only whines at home because she has no one to play with and pay attention to her as much as her cousins do.

1 comment:

Elaine said...

We miss having you at our place already. I saw your oceanview. You haven't quite convinced me that there is an ocean where I was told to look.


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