Wednesday, January 30, 2008

9 month check-up

Marisa had her 9 month check-up this morning. We continue to be blessed with a happy and healthy baby!

Weight:18 pounds 8 ounces 45 percentile
Length: 28 1/4 inches 74 percentile
Head: 18 inches 90 percentile

So basically, Marisa is tall and skinny with a big head...Awkward??? haha Just kidding, she is perfect. I'm sure she will thank her dad later for the big Hart head.

A few other big girl updates: Marisa is an amazing eater. She eats EVERYTHING with no problem. Her favorites are bananas and steamed vegetables. Her favorite snack is Gerber Puffs. All the flavors. Her top FOUR teeth are coming in and one has already broken skin. She crawls on all fours all the time now. Good-bye commando crawl! She stands and walks along anything she can pull herself up with. She can even walk from chair to chair in our dining room! Marisa likes to play peek-a-boo and her favorite book is "How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food?". She will actually sit and watch Seasame Street for awhile in the morning while I get breakfast ready for everybody. She sleeps through the night again. YAY!!! Marisa talks non-stop. She is quite the little jabber. And everytime we go out, somebody always has to stop me to look at her. They can't get over how beautiful she is!!

Crawling on all fours!

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