Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Word Bank

For journaling purposes I want to list all the words that Marisa knows. It is so hard to keep up with the MANY, MANY new things she does, says, figures out, etc. Everytime Tim comes home from work I always tell him of something new Marisa did that day. She is such a fast learner and it's so exciting to watch! So here is the list of words...

-Hi/Hello (Ewo)
-Banana (Nana)
-Toto (Meaning "Otro" in Spanish which means "Another/Again")
-Mum/Mommy (Mon-ee)
-Grandpa and Grandma
-Papi and Nana
-Pretty (Ety)
-June (A favorite Disney character)
-Fish (Ish)
-Flower (Wower)
-Zap (We say this when we poke her tummy to get a laugh)

1 comment:

Parkinson Family said...

wow, very impressive, tylers way behind her :)


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