Friday, August 22, 2008

Dollywood's Splash Country

You can't get more Southern than Dolly Parton. So we decided to visit her amusement park yesterday! haha It was further than we thought but we got to travel through beautiful North Carolina and Tennessee's Smokey Mountains! The park was really fun actually. They had a few cool waterslides. I'm glad we went during a time it wasn't busy though. We never really had to wait in line for any of the rides. Honestly, if we had to wait in line it would not have been worth it. The rides were good but not that good. Either way, it was fun spending time with family and enjoying the sun and water. The best part was going down the waterslides with Marisa. They actually had two waterslides for babies! Marisa loved them so much she kept saying, "Slide! Slide! Fun!" And she would grab our hands to lead us to take her again. Also, the whole way down the slide she would say, "Wheeee!" haha Too cute!

Marisa's first waterslide!

Waiting in line for the slide! She's so cute!

Mommy and Marisa!


Kristen said...

Yea for pictures! Is it just me or does Marisa look extremely bored in the pictures on the slide?! I think shes thinking "Ummm, I wanted to go sky diving, and you brought me here?!" What a little dare devil!

By the way, you're a much better mom than me, I never put a life jacket on Carson-- we were going down water slides when he was 10 months old without life jackets... muah ha ha. (Dont call CPS!)

Looks like yall had a blast!!!

Parkinson Family said...



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