Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Only a diaper please!

Marisa has figured out how to take her shirt off! I was amazed to look up and watch her slowly take off her shirt like it was no big deal. As if she has done it several times before. I decided to put her shirt back on to see if she would take it off again and sure enough she did. And I got it all in sequence! She is too funny!

Slipping the arms out!

Working on it!


Giving it another try!

So close!

Marisa so happy she did it!

Can you put it back on for me?


becca b said...

This is absolutely adorable...good job for her knowing what to do!

Parkinson Family said...

the funny things they do are so cute!

Tara and Bob said...

I love the pictures in sequenced order!

Good job - now that's Talent!!


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