Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So I had my wisdom teeth taken out this past Thursday and so I have been in pain, tired, on drugs, lazy, on the couch 24/7, and obviously bored because it has lead me to actually answering these questions I see on other people's blogs. Soo enjoy I guess. haha

1.Where is your cell phone? On the counter by the house phone
2. Your significant other? My love, Tim!
3. Your hair? Kinda frustrating. In my head I know what I want but it never comes out that way. I just want long, sexy hair that always looks great, is that too much to ask? I need Ken Paves.
4. Your mother? Crazy. Just kidding. A hard worker.
5. Your father? Talented.
6. Your favorite thing? This is hard. I have a lot of favorite things but I guess I will have to say, cuddling.
7. Your dream last night? Well, I just got my wisdom teeth taken out so the drugs have made me have some of the most vivid and wildest/weirdest dreams ever. And I can't remember which one of them was from last night. haha
8 Your favorite drink? JUICE!! Any kind of juice. All juices. I LOVE juice!
9. Your dream/goal? To raise righteous children in the gospel.
10. The room you’re in? The living room, my home the past few days.
11. Your hobby? For me it is hard to do my absolute favorite hobbies as a stay at home mom because I like to be out and active. But if I had the time and resources I would definetly be dancing all of the time. But for now I just find creative ways to decorate my house.
12. Your fear? Someone hurting my daughter or future kids in any way.
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? That would make me 30, (yikes!), so I want to be done having kids by then and in a home.
14. What you’re not? I'm not creative and crafty on my own. Once I learn how to do something I am good at it, but I can't think of how to do something on my own.
15. Muffins? Oh yes please! I really like these carrot muffins I make. Yummy!
16. One of your wish list items? I actually really do have a wish list and it's long. haha And one of the items is a mahogany bed frame from pottery barn.
17. Where you grew up? Florida/Georgia
18. The last thing you did? Ate dinner and cleaned up my kitchen.
19. What are you wearing? Basketball shorts and a t-shirt. Attractive, huh?
20. Favorite gadget? My computer I guess, even though I hate mine, because I can get to the internet with it.
21. Your pets? Never going to happen. Not in this house!
22. Your computer? Sucks. I hate it. I need a new one.
23. Your mood? I'm ok right now. My teeth hurt and I'm tired.
24. Missing someone? All of my old friends.
25. Your car? A toyota camry. I really like it.
26. Something you’re not wearing? Jewelry
27. Favorite store? Seriously too many but I guess to pick one I would have to say...babyGap. haha
28. Like someone? My husband, family, and friends.
29. Your favorite color? Red
30. When is the last time you laughed? Today! Marisa kept saying, "Mommy, mommy, mommy", and I just ignored her because I thought she was just being whiny. But she actually got her whole body stuck inside one of her baskets...again.
31. Last time you cried? Today while watching Oprah. Two moms hooked on heroine, one with a 4 year old little girl and 5 months pregnant, and another mom with a 13 month old baby boy. My heart was aching so much for those children.

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Kristen said...

That was entertaining. I watched the Oprah with the mom who left her kid in the car. Holy crap, I was dressed and ready to go to the gym, and watched that, and decided to stay home and be with Carson all day! I was crying, it was an awful story!

I'm hoping I'm one of those old friends you miss-- I miss you too!


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