Sunday, September 28, 2008

High School Tag

Your High School's full name: Grayson High School

High School Colors: Green and Gold

School Mascot: Rams

Did you date anyone from your school?: Of course

It's Friday night where are you?: Cheering at a football game or with my boyfriend

Were you a party animal?: No

Were you considered a flirt?: Uh, I don't think I was considered a flirt but I definetly knew how...haha.

Were you in band, orchestra, choir, or other group?: Heck no

Were you in any clubs?: Too many to remember and count

Did you ever get expelled or suspended?: No, teachers loved me.

Can you still sing the fight song?: haha No way. I never even sang it in high school. But I think I can still do our cheer dance to the fight song! haha

Who were your favorite teachers?: DeLong!!!! hahahaha

Where did you sit during lunch?: It was a rectangular shape cafeteria and so if you were to look down at it I sat at the top right.

Who was your prom date?: Junior proms - Jake, and Scott; Senior prom- Eddie

If you could go back and re-do high school would you?: In a heartbeat! It was sooo fun!

Were you a nerd?: My friends and I all wore shirts that said, "We're pretty, We're cool, We dominate the school." haha If anything I was just retarded.

Were you on any varsity teams?: Varsity Dance team and Varsity Cheerleading

Where did you go senior skip day?: It was really hard to skip that day because all the teachers knew about it.

Have you gained some weight since then?: Just a couple pounds. I had a baby since then!

What do you remember about Graduation?: Relieved and excited to move on to the next stage in life.

Are you planning on going to your 10 year reunion?: For sure! I can't wait actually!

I tag anyone who reads this!

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kristenharrisphotography said...

What morons would wear such shirts? Oh wait.... I think I was there for that=) Lets have our own reunion... our 6 year reunion, 6 years and 4 months. haha


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