Tuesday, November 18, 2008

19 months old

Marisa turned 19 months old today! Absolutely crazy! We love her a ton and we are so happy that she is ours forever. Here are 19 fun facts about Marisa...

1. Marisa has the cutest girly giggle.
2. She is obsessed with shoes.
3. Marisa really enjoys watching movies.
4. Her longest sentence yet is, "This is my book, Mommy. Read it, please."
5. Her new, naughty thing to do, besides coloring walls, is to throw food off the table. She always says, "Throw nanana! Throw nanana!" (Meaning: "Throw banana"...even if it is not a banana.)
6. Whenever she says "Thank You" she always replies "Your Welcome" right after.
7. Her favorite fruit is grapes.
8. Her favorite candy is any kind of sucker.
9. Marisa loves to read. Whenever I am almost done reading a book she will say, "No, No, No, No, No!" and flip the pages to the beginning of the book so I can start reading all over again.
10. She likes to have a turn saying prayers. (A tear jerker everytime. Soo precious!)
11. She likes to say, "Bye! See ya later!" to everything she leaves behind.
12. She likes to pretend to talk on our cellphones.
13. She will sit with her arms folded during a prayer, but sometimes right before the end of a prayer she will quietly, yet quickly, dart out of the room in a run because she doesn't want to go to bed.
14. She loves being with her cousins and asks me everday to see them.
15. Marisa's favorite food is gnocchi.
16. She is pretty good at learning her colors and numbers.
17. Her favorite song to sing is the "Book of Mormon stories" song. Well, she can't sing yet, but she likes to do the motions for the song.
18. Her favorite veggie is corn.
19. And whenever her mommy says, "No" to her if she asks for something, she runs to her daddy and with the cutest little whimper says, "Daddy..." in hopes that he will give in. haha It's actually pretty cute.


chelseyandmatt said...

I love thiS! And..i can't believe how fast they grow up! I remember when I looked at your facebook when she was first born..wow. Anyway, you guys look great. Thanks for writing..its always good to hear from you!

Mr & Mrs Hilton said...

Wow 19 months, that is crazy! She is so darn cute. I loved the post on her calling her uncle, that would be such a fun message to listen to. Happy 19 months Marisa!

Laura said...

Oh my, she is the cutest thing ever... I LOVE your list!!! I can't wait for a little girly girl!!!

Clint and Mari Cluff said...

So cute! Enjoy this time, it goes by so quickly!!

Megan said...

Tell Marissa that I love her shoes. They go well with her outfit. PS-Thanks for the sympathy about the Health Insurance stuff. It seriously has caused many anxiety attacks for me. So lame. How are you doing anyway? It's been a while.


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