Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spinach Drink

I got this recipe in Relief Society at an Enrichment night awhile ago. Sooo good! Plus, WAY healthy! And Marisa loves it!

1 cup of OJ
1 frozen banana
1 good handful of spinach

(I like to add flax seed to it.)

Blend and serve!


Stephanie said...

Wow, Tanya. You've come a long way from your morning sickness if you're able to drink that!!! That looks really scary. My friend made carrot juice with apples in her juicer the other day and I could not drink it! It's really good for you though.

becca b said...

I'm making this today---it sounds awesome! I'll have to tell you how I like it.

sarah calder said...

Thanks Tanya! I have been dying to figure out how to get some spinach in the morning, and I love the idea of putting it in my shake. Delicious!


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