Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"Marisa's Makery"

Marisa woke up this morning with another surprise waiting for her in the living room!

Her own kitchen!

Marisa's reaction when she first saw her kitchen was, "WOW!" And when she saw our kitchen table all set up for her birthday party she exclaimed again, "WOW!" I'm so grateful for her enthusiasm. =o)

Playing with the water!

Getting serious with her oven mitt!

Checking on her food in the oven!

Marisa is officialy turning 2 this Friday, but we decided to celebrate it a little earlier so she can have her birthday party. This morning a few of her good friends came over. I decided to play off of her kitchen and theme her bithday party "Marisa's Makery".

Everything was cupcaked-themed with her colors being hot pink and orange. We served homemade yellow cake cupcakes that her friends could decorate themselves, (hence, "Marisa's Makery"), with the choice of a variety of sprinkles and homemade chocolate frosting. The cupcake liners had cupcakes on them and her party favor bags were even shaped as cupcakes that held candy in them! So fun!

Happy Birthday!

Cupcake decorating!

Pink cups and plates, orange napkins, and juice boxes!

Cupcake party favors filled with candy!

And the decorating begins!

Marisa was only interested in the sprinkles!

Marisa, Austin, Charlie, Cruz, and Simon! And yes,all boys. The story of her life already...


Opening presents!

New toys!

Marisa partied hard for her 2nd birthday. She was so excited the whole day with all the fun activities and new toys that she didn't even take a nap until 6:30 at night while watching a movie! haha Happy Birthday Marisa! I'm glad your day was filled with so much laughter and fun!

Completely wiped out!


Parkinson Family said...

cute idea! everything looks great!

sarah calder said...

what a cute party! happy birthday marissa!

Janna said...

Looks like a fun party. I love the pink little kitchen. Happy birthday Marisa.

Stephanie said...

How cute! I love the kitchen, I'm sure Marisa loves it too! Kitchens are the best, they can accomodate lots of kids playing with them and they seem to come back to it often. The whole party was so adorable. I love the cupcake theme.

becca b said...

That is such a neat idea! I love the cupcakes with the candy inside them!
Yes, I make the spinach shake allllll the time! It is super good, and I've gotten my family hooked on it too! Thanks for the great idea!

Elaine said...

Happy birthday Marisa. It looked like a fun party.

Sara said...

Marisa, why don't you have any friends that are girls??


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