Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I heart New York

Tim had to go to New York City for two weeks on a business trip and very last minute I decided to join him for a week of it! (Thanks, Kari!) So I packed my bags and off I went to a city I have always wanted to visit.

I was really nervous to travel with Natalie, especially on the plane, but fortunately, she was a dream to and from NY. So my trip started out well with a well-behaved baby and it didn't end there. I also sat next to a famous person on my flight from Dallas to NY! For those of you who don't know, I graduated in Broadcast Journalism from BYU so sitting next to this man...

John Quinones - ABC News

was my dream come true. And talk about major networking! Too bad I am doing nothing with my major right now. =o) Anyways, he was an extremely nice man and it was so fun to sit next to him and have his undivided attention for several hours!

During the week, since Tim had to work, Natalie and I got to venture out on our own everyday and do some shopping in Times square together...


M&M'S World

There were walls and walls of M&M'S in the store! Yummy!

Times Square

We stayed at the Marriott hotel right in Times Square!

It is so bright in Times Square that you can sit and read a book at night!

During the evenings and during the weekend Tim and I tried to take in as much of the NYC experience as much as possible. There is so much that I loved about the city. I loved walking around the crowded narrow streets, taking the subway and taxis, being surrounded by really tall buildings everywhere, and eating delicious NY pizza! Tim made sure that we never ate at any chain restaurants. We only ate at authentic, unique restaurants from New York. Such good restaurants let me tell ya! So, Tim and I did a lot of sightseeing in the fun city and got to visit some pretty well-known sites!

The David Letterman Show

Trump Towers

GE Building/Rockefeller Building

Rockefeller Center

30 Rock!

NBC Store

Radio City Music Hall

New York Subway (Metro Transit Authority or MTA)

Ground Zero

View of the Statue of Liberty from Battery Park.

Wall Street

New York Stock Exchange

George Washington...

...inaugurated as our first president right here!

Empire State Building

Grand Central Station

New York City is a very unique city. It was so fun to experience the city life and eat food unique to the city. It was a much needed break from reality a little bit and hopefully we can go back without any kiddos and see some broadway shows and eat at fancier restaurants. Either way, it was a memorable trip! TAXI!


Laura said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! I can't believe all the sightseeing you did with a BRAND NEW baby! You are amazing!!!

Stephanie said...

Awesome! We took Ems to NY when she was three months. It was doable and actually very easy! I'm glad you were able to do it and get a little break. said...

Wow, how fun! I am glad that you guys got to get away!! said...

oh and I love the "Thats what she said" onesie! Awesome.

The Lambs said...

I am SO glad you got to go! A well deserved trip!

Megan said...

next time your in NYC, let me know and I'll run up to the city and we could do lunch together! that would have been fun. i was wondering what baby wrap/carrier you are using in the you like it? i was looking into getting a better one when i have baby #2 (not that i am having baby #2 anytime soon though. haha). looks l ike fun. you and your family are beautiful. let me know about the baby wrap!


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