Thursday, October 8, 2009

Little Miss High Maintenance

2 month check-up
Weight: 10 pounds 3 ounces 30 percentile
Height: 22 3/4 45 percentile
Head: 15.2 55 percentile

The past two months have been one crazy rollercoaster ride. Natalie was a huge adjustment for us and gave us quite the scare about how high maintenance of a baby she seemed. For the longest time we called her "Little Miss High Maintenance" because this girl knew what she wanted and wanted only that. (I wonder who she may have gotten that from?)
For example, for the first month she would only sleep and stay asleep when someone was holding her or if she was on my chest. How am I suppossed to get good rest, or any kind of rest for that matter, laying flat on my back with a newborn baby on me? Ummm, yeah, not happening. And it didn't happen. So that was really hard because I was so sleep deprived which makes me one crazy person. My poor family...
Also, Natalie only wanted me for everything. To hold her (facing out), rock her, feed her (would not take a bottle at all from her Daddy), etc. I could tell Tim wanted to help me so much but what can you do when your baby will not calm down at all everytime you try?
Furthermore, Natalie never liked her carseat. I think she cried and screamed the worst when she was in her carseat. So I never went anywhere. Never left the house. I would go grocery shopping on the weekends when I can leave her with Tim, but even then, I had to be quick because she wanted only me to go to sleep, eat, stay happy, etc.
Natalie was so high maintenance it honestly scared me there for awhile. I would just think to myself, how can I do this?? Two kids is way too many kids!

Curled up on Daddy. Just how she likes it.

Luckily, once Natalie hit 5 weeks everything started to slowly turn around. And now, at 2 months, she is a completely different baby. Natalie went from having to be held to sleep, to sleeping on her own, but only on her boppy pillow. One day I thought I would try to snuggle her with her boppy pillow so it seemed liked she was being held and it worked! So for the second month she slept like this...

And now, right after my New York trip, I have been able to wrap her up nice and snug and lay her down flat in her crib! Hallelujah!

And to add another point of progress, she is sleeping much, much better during the night. She only wakes up once during the night around 3 o'clock. There have been the occasional waking up twice a night and there have been only three times where she slept through the night, but she mainly wakes up only once. Totally doable. And her schedule during the day is getting more predictable too. I am able to read her cues a lot better and just getting to know her better has helped in knowing what she wants. Everything now is just a million times better!

All smiles in NYC!

Natalie is such a sweet natured baby. She smiles ALL the time. And she coos a lot. We love talking to her and getting her to talk back. The best thing in the world. Tim and I can sit there and talk to her for hours. The sounds of her sweet high-pitched squeals and sighs melts our hearts. Some of my favorite moments with Natalie have been while nursing her. She sometimes will look up at me with her gorgeous big brown eyes, smile, and start cooing! Soooo precious. I. love. it.
Natalie also loves to be around Marisa. So weird that at such a young age she can be so attracted to her sister. I just put her in her bouncer in Marisa's room while Marisa plays and Natalie follows Marisa with her eyes everywhere and smiles at her all the time. I love it.
Natalie is also starting to like the carseat. Wahoo! This past week I have been to the mall, grocery shopping, and to the park all by myself with two kids and actually quite enjoying myself. I'm outta the house and finally feeling normal again!

Natalie happy in her carseat!

She's starting to get rolls!


Mike and London said...

she is so beautiful!!!!!! absolutely gorgeous..i am glad she is doing better at sleeping and such..that sounds a bit stressful. but she is so pretty and im glad you guys are doing well!

Britney said...

i'm so glad it's going more smoothly now! she's so cute.

BYU said...

She is cute! I think she looks just like her sister:)

The Ashment Family said...

We used to put Dylan to sleep with the Boppy too. How funny! I am glad that things are going better!


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