Monday, October 19, 2009

Go Cougars!

Last night we went down to San Diego for the BYU football game against SDSU. It was really fun to get out as a family and have some fun cheering on our cougars! Marisa loved keeping her eye on Cosmo and kept saying, "Where did the cougar go?"

My cubs!

The girls getting ready for the game!

Marisa and her friend Austin!

Pom-pom in hand cheering for the Big Blue!

We had great seats sitting 5 rows from the field right in front of the cheerleaders and dancers!

I think she was the littlest cougar fan out there!

Daddy with his girls after a cougar win of 38-28!

1 comment:

becca b said...

Marisa is not a baby anymore---she is a little girl! How great, and glad you could go to the game!


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