Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Holiday Jerks

Since Tim was 14 years old he has been known as the "Holiday Jerk" in his family.
Let me explain.
At that ripe age of 14, Tim was at the mall shopping with his family, and the story, according to his family, is that Tim just sat on the mall bench so grumpy during the whole shopping outing. Then his own mother calls him a "Holiday Jerk" for not getting up off his bum. haha
Anyways, recently Tim asked why I don't decorate for the holidays. (Except for Christmas, of course.) And I simply replied that I think decorations in the house are tacky, cheap-looking if not done right, and I just don't have the space for more junk. I would rather wait until we have a house where I can know exactly where I want things and decorate the home to where it looks good. It was at that moment where Tim jokingly called me a "Holiday Jerk". haha So, hi, Happy Halloween, we are the "Holiday Jerks". =o)
Instead, I would rather spend the money on holiday kitchen items.

Halloween Pancake Molds from Williams-Sonoma! Yummy!
Highly recommend getting them. This is something that is more than just a paper ghost hanging from the ceiling in my home. It is time spent cooking something fun and memorable with Marisa in the kitchen, eating yummy food, and starting traditions. Every Saturday since October started I have used these molds with this yummy pumpkin pancake batter from Trader Joes, chocolate chips, and this pumpkin butter spread also from Trader Joes to make a delicious breakfast. Marisa loves it! And I love starting a tradition for the Halloween holiday.

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becca b said...

How fun! We just bought 101 cookie cutters from Walmart and we love them! There are a lot of Halloween ones, and they are so fun to do lots of stuff with. Glad you're having fun with Halloween!


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