Tuesday, October 27, 2009

For the Love of a Best Friend

Georgie has been a part of Marisa's life since she was around 7 months old. If you have been following my blog you are very aware of how special Georgie is to Marisa.
With that said, you can imagine how much he has been loved by an ever growing little girl. As you can also imagine, Georgie isn't looking like he once did.

Right before bedtime Marisa came to me a little concerned and said, "Mommy, can you fix Georgie's shirt?" I took one good look at Georgie and said, "He needs a lot of fixin' right now."

So Marisa and I went to work.

I let Marisa pick out the buttons she wanted on Georgie's shirt. (And as you can see from this picture Georgie has no buttons on his shirt, his bear is not attached to his pjs anymore, his mouth is falling apart, his stuffing has slowly been leaving him, and his pants are saggy. All good signs that he has been really loved.)

Of course, Marisa picks the biggest pink button I have. I was able to guide her to pick two smaller buttons and she picked two pink ones again. =o)

After a few minutes of TLC, Georgie is all better, and Marisa is a happy little girl again. Georgie is not exactly back to normal, but looking much better for many more years of love.

Good night you two!


Laura said...

LOL... so cute!

Kari said...

I love Georgie too! That little guy is super cute and there is nothing like seeing Marisa walk around with him in her arms.


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