Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Binky Fairy

Last Saturday night Tim and I were discussing on the couch that we needed to get Marisa off her pacifer. So right then and there we decided to do it that night cold turkey!
I thought the best way to gently ween her off it was to tell her about "The Binky Fairy". I grabbed a cute little turquoise bag for her and explained that if she put all of her binkies in it, left it somewhere special, "The Binky Fairy" would leave a little present for her. Marisa chose the kitchen table to leave the bag and she was so excited! Once it was time for bed she did ask for her binkie but we reminded her about the fairy and her present in the morning and although she was hesitant, she went along with it. I wish I would have planned better and had gotten her an actual present, but since it was such a last minute decision to ween her off the binkie Tim and I just grabbed all of our change in the house and left it in the bag. haha I know ghetto.

In the morning, Marisa walked out of her room and with all the enthusiasm we could muster we said, "Marisa, look at what the Binky Fairy left you!" She had a huge smile as she checked her little bag and saw money to put in her little silver bear bank in her room! haha

Cute little skeleton!

Ever since then Marisa has gone to bed and taken naps without her binkie! She has only asked for it a few times and cried once during naptime saying, "I want my binkie back!" But honestly, she has surprised us in letting go of it so easily. I thought it would be a nightmare trying to ween her because she was so attached and it was the only way to calm her or to knock her out right to sleep in 2 seconds.

Way to go, Marisa! You are such a BIG GIRL!


kristenharris said...

Good job Marisa! That is a tough transition--but oh so worth the 2 years of sanity =) Have you started potty training yet? That should be fun! You've got some adorable little girls!

Stephanie said...



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