Saturday, October 17, 2009


-Learning: Puzzles, books, ABC's, counting
-Wrestling with Daddy
-Making up songs
-Saying prayers
-The Disney channel (Little Einsteins is still #1 fav)
-Cooking with mom
-Veggies and fruits (She eats them first and asks for seconds before even touching her main meal.)

-Going to bed
-Playing by herself
-Getting her hair washed, brushed, made-up
-Not being able to do something by herself or not doing it right/perfect

Marisa is blossoming and growing into a beautiful little lady. 2 1/2 today and such a darling little girl. At two-and-a-half she continues to take in the world around her and is learning so fast. She is able to communicate a lot better and the sentences she puts together to talk just amaze us. She is also starting to say some of the funniest things. Sometimes I look at her and I'm like, "Since when did you know that?" haha I think it's because she watches too much tv personally. haha Although, she is a good little chatterbox she still has her baby talk which I am grateful for because it makes her still a baby in my eyes. =o)

Word Translations:
chep-chup = ketchup
wantee = monkey
bum bee bee = bumblebee
swim-soup = swimsuit
Plan of Dalmation = Plan of Salvation
drive = dry

I really can't keep up with Marisa's hunger for knowledge either. I feel like I have to come up with a curriculum every week for her to keep her mind entertained and challenged. She has had her upper and lower case letters, numbers, and shapes down to a T since before she was 2 and I can tell she is starting to get bored. So I've started teaching her the sounds of each letter of the alphabet, the states and their location on the U.S. map, and opposites. She just eats it all up and surprises me how fast she can learn.

Marisa has adapted wonderfully to her little sister. She is a great big sister. In fact, she loves little Natalie so much that most of the time she doesn't understand that sometimes her love is a little too strong. =o) Marisa hasn't really grasped her own physical strength and just how fragile Natalie is. Here is cute proof that Natalie is just a fun doll to her, or in this case a piece of paper?...

Marisa loves to help me with Natalie though. Burp her, change her, wipe her mouth after she spits up, etc. I often times catch Marisa giving Natalie kisses on her head and then walking off to play again. I love the girls' relationship already. They just smile and giggle to each other and whenever I see that happen I get a quick glance of the future of two very mischeivous giggly girls...Oh boy...

They may look innocent, but I'm not too sure...

Marisa is so funny and energetic too. In fact, she doesn't stop! But what two year old isn't active, right? Jumping off the couch, wrestling with Dad, writing on the walls with my pomegranate chapstick, kicking her big red ball off...well...anything really, and threatening to cut her hair, my hair, Natalie's hair, or the carpet. All part of the package, right??

Lately she hasn't been very shy at all with people either. She will talk to anyone and immediately feel comfortable with them. Kids and adults. I can tell she likes to make new friends.

All in all, we love this little two year old and have loved watching her go through many milestones and stages since she was born. She definetly keeps us on our toes and wears us out by the end of day, but we wouldn't want it any other way.

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kristenharris said...

What a doll. I sure wish I could meet the little ones! You realize its been over 6 years since we've seen each other. That has got to change. When are you going to Atlanta again? Thanksgiving? Christmas? EVER?


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