Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a full house

I had no intention to do any potty training recently. Marisa had other plans in mind though. Thursday afternoon I was able to catch Marisa in time to poop in the toilet, (sorry for the potty talk), and right after she did, she says, "No more diapers! Now big girl underwear!"

I was like...whaaat...

Well, alright I thought, here we go. She asked for it so lets give it a try. Of course, she had a few accidents which were so frustrating, but I stuck to it and I'm so glad I did. The very next day she had one accident in the morning and then that was it.
Potty trained.
I even had to go to the store, totally afraid of an accident, and she asked to go potty twice at the store! Wahoo!
One day is all it took.

And the reward for going everytime? Organic lollipops from Trader Joes that Marisa just loves.

We went through a whole box in one weekend. So worth it though.
The biggest bonus of all is that now Daddy has a pay raise. haha NO MORE PAYING FOR DIAPERS!!

I'm still in shock about the whole thing. It just happened so quickly and out of nowhere. And because of that I've had a few momentarily sad moments.

Sad because this is the last and final bit of baby in Marisa that just left for good.
No more bottles, no more crib, no more pacifers, no more naps, no more diapers. Literally, no baby left in her. Kinda hard for me to handle.

But this is why we have more than one kid right? Which brings me to my next baby...
Natalie has been going, going, going! In one month's time, she has learned (in this order)...

- to get down from a sitting position
- army crawl

- get back up into a sitting position
- crawl on all fours

- pull herself up

and TODAY...

-cruise along the couch

and wanting to reach out to other things to help her walk along! Wowzaa!!! This little house of mine has been bustin' out the seams with loads of milestones. Fun!

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Elaine said...

Lots of fun things happening at your house.


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