Monday, April 19, 2010

pinky up!

Marisa had a tea-party themed birthday party. I set up a tea-party outside with pink placemats and name cards where the kids ate finger sandwiches, sipped pink lemonade, and ate other finger foods.

Marisa has been talking about her birthday for weeks now. She has been beyond excited. So needless to say, the first thing in the morning Marisa went straight to the food table where I had everything set up and snuck a cupcake for breakfast.
Marisa LOVES balloons so just for her I had a dozen pink balloons scattered in the ceiling. She loved it, of course.
Marisa also loved opening her presents and getting new, fun toys. In fact, I crashed early at 8 o'clock last night while Marisa stayed up until 9:30 playing with her toys. She would not stop.
And of course, Marisa loved having her friends over. She kept talking for days about how all her friends were coming to her house for her birthday. Thanks friends for coming!

Later that night, Grandpa Wayne came down to take us and a few of Marisa's cousins out to eat at CPK.

Marisa's 3rd birthday was a special one. Just like the day she was born.

I have never really cared too much that she was getting older, but yesterday on her birthday was the first time I really felt that I wanted time to stop. I want her to stay three forever.

Happy Birthday, Marisa! We love you.


Chrissy said...

Marisa is sooo freaking adorable, we just love her! So glad we were able to come celebrate with her!

Elaine said...

Happy Birthday Marisa!!!
It's great to be three.

becca b said...

Oh my gosh, what a great birthday party. Everything looks great!

H and E said...

Cutest birthday ever, I love all the pink. HOw did she get to be 3, wow time really does go fast! THanks for adding me!

Lindsie said...

Love it! So cute. You did a great job decorating. What a fun party.

Kristen said...

Pretty much your little girlies are so dang adorable!!!! I so wish I could get out there and play!!!!


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