Thursday, May 23, 2013

LA Zoo

More LA exploring today! This time with Grandma and the kiddos!
When I asked the girls upon entering the zoo what they wanted to see the most, they said the lions and the hippo. And the zoo had neither. #Fail haha But it was still a fun outing.

The orangutans were the most entertaining to the girls. We stayed in that exhibit for awhile as we watched up close against the glass a family play together. They were obsessed with watching the baby orangutan. The baby was pretty cute but the adult orangutans... in the words I overheard from a couple of men behind me, "Tan feos." Agree.

Natalie's favorite part was the petting area. It was right up her alley as she is obsessed with grooming and make-up herself. She spent the entire time brushing, Peaches, the goat. It was sweet to see her very thorough in her brushing. She would gently grab each ear and ever so delicately brush them.
Marisa liked all the babies at the zoo. "Baby monkey, baby giraffee, and baby zebra." Oh yeah, she also liked the gift shop. She kept reminding me every 5 minutes, "Where is the gift shop?" "Can we go to the gift shop yet?" 

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