Saturday, May 18, 2013

Santa Monica Pier

I've heard people in London say, "I've lived in London my whole life and have never been on the London Eye."
Really? Weird.
But I guess I understand. I have lived in CA for 4 years now and I have never been to Santa Monica! It was fun to explore a part of LA. We crave our old city exploring adventures. And it is always nice to have a "date night" with the hubs.

We ate lunch at True Foods Kitchen and split between us a Bison Burger and Breakfast Burrito with sweet potato hash.
It was dee-lishhh.
I should have captured it on my camera...

After lunch we walked around Santa Monica Place and 3rd st promenade. We found some legit chocolate shops that reminded us of our European delicacies. I should have captured that on my camera too...

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