Monday, October 7, 2013

come listen to a prophet's voice

This past weekend was General Conference weekend! It is a wonderful, uplifting weekend where we listen to our beloved prophet and other church leaders talk about the things that God wants us to know. It is broadcasted live all over the world and I greatly look forward to it every 6 months. It always provides the spiritual boost I need to carry on. This talk was a direct answer to my personal prayer and this talk was raw, real, and I know a sense of comfort for many.

Well, we started the weekend and kicked off October just right by eating pumpkin pancakes with pumpkin butter! Mmmmm! Also, I did the usual printing off children's General Conference coloring packets to keep the littles busy while we listen to conference, 

but this year, since the girls are now getting older, I decided to not only print coloring packets but make a treat activity!

Marisa helped me with this pinterest inspired candy/snack filled jars idea and I felt like a genius mother. In front of each jar was a word you would hear often during conference and every time the girls heard that word, they got to eat the corresponding candy/snack to that word! 
It was a hit! 

But after an hour or so, Tim and I started to see the repercussion of having loads of morning sweets. Natalie was affected the most. She was going crazy. She wouldn't stop running around, kept slamming her body against the couch for fun, couldn't sit still, bugging her brother, shouting. Even when the 2nd counselor from our ward came to give Tim a new calling in between sessions, both girls were in the living room, arms out, and spinning in circles. They wouldn't stop...

And then the sugar hangover from child #2 came as the 2nd session was starting. Meltdowns, tears, lack of focus...I felt not so genius after all! 

Either way, I loved spending time as a family, feeling the spirit together, and having prayers answered as we listened to a prophet's voice.

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shannon said...

I still think it's genius! This might even help teenagers!


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