Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pumpkin City

Trying to keep up with the Halloween festivities this month we headed for Pumpkin City! It was a first for us, and although we had a good afternoon, it will most likely be our last. (Think kind-of a dinky, over-priced, make-shift pumpkin patch in the middle of a ghetto-ish mall. Ha.)

After first petting the nauseating smelling goats, chickens, and pigs, to our surprise the first ride the girls wanted to do was go on the "Goliath", a giant inflatable slide. We were shocked. Our girls are afraid of everything. We have told them that we can't take them to Disneyland unless they start being less afraid of things. So we didn't stop them from wanting to go on this ride when they asked!

I don't think the girls had a clue how fast they were going to go down this slide. Looking back I can't stop laughing. They both thought they could slowly start down but didn't realize that once you go there is no way to try to hold on to the side of the slide, which they tried, or there is no way to try to slow down!

There they go...

Their faces of shock during and after the slide were hilarious.

Again to our shock, Marisa went down all 3 times, and Natalie only went one more time. We'll take that!
The rest of our time was spent going from dinky ride to dinky ride to picking out a dinky pumpkin...ha.

We thought this pumpkin was pretty cute. So we took him home too.

Today was proof that no matter what I do with my family, I love being with them regardless. Like playing Old Maid at Chick-fil-a afterwards. Highlight of my day.

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shannon said...

Such a cute photo of Darren! So I'm kind of laughing a little at this. The girls were complete daredevils when we took them to the farm play place in Surrey when you and Tim went to Poland. Super high, super fast slide and the could not get enough of it!


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