Friday, October 4, 2013


It's October already and I am not wasting time! Today Marisa didn't have school so we headed off to our first pumpkin patch adventure at Zoomars! First stop, the feeding and petting zone...

Natalie was obsessed with this llama. She thought it was the funniest thing! Can you imagine her giggles?! 

Marisa enjoyed feeding the bunnies more than the llama but she enjoyed feeding the guinea pigs even that much more! (Which I didn't get a picture of, darn.) She loved it so much that she even stayed behind longer with friends we ran into while there and apparently she had tears when having to leave. And since coming home she hasn't stopped talking about it. She now wants a pet guinea pig and name it, Anastasia... (Imagine my eyes wide open.)

Zoomars is a cute little farm in quaint San Juan Capistrano. They had a handful of activities for the kiddos. Like a corn pit for this cute baby boy!

And they had loads of unique pumpkins that made my heart swell! I love fall! (Even though it was like 85 degrees here in Southern California.) Happy October!

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Louisiana Laupers said...

Dear Tanya,
Kudos to you for your inspiring blog! It's been so enjoyable to follow you, your family and
experiences for several years and given me the motivation I needed to blog about our mission. What a great outlet for events and feelings! So my sincere thanks to you. Love, Mimi


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