Wednesday, June 18, 2014

{New York City} Flashback: Day 1 and 2

Tim and I miss traveling immensely. Like, it immensely hurts us physically. Last year Tim had to leave for business to NYC on our actual anniversary day. We also just moved into our home in Orange County the day before this said trip so I couldn't tag along. This year, around our anniversary again Tim was scheduled for NYC for a week and I made sure he didn't leave without me!

Even though this trip required no passport, no exotic sights, NYC is still fun to visit. I was looking forward to being surrounded by city life again, sightseeing, and one-of-a-kind city exclusive food. And what a great way to baby-moon too!

Another major plus about this trip is that our best friends, the Blanchards, from London, had recently moved back to NYC and we couldn't wait to be reunited with them! As soon as we landed we went straight to their house and chatted late into the night like old times. Oh, how we have missed them and their kiddos! They really are our forever friends.

Sunday, the next morning, we didn't skip a beat. In fact, we managed to squeeze so much more than originally planned.

We had to make a stop at Grand Central Station into the city and even though I had been there before, I couldn't help but take pictures.

My top tourist attraction on my bucket list was Brooklyn Bridge. Tim has been to NYC so many times before so it was nothing new to him, but I think he enjoyed my company as a first timer on almost all our adventures ;).

I think the bridge looked a lot better in person, up-close, than from a far. Of course, we had to walk across the bridge so I can cross that off my list too. We entered the bridge on the Brooklyn side toward Manhattan and that proved to be the best way to do it. It was so crazy busy on the other side with tourist and people taking pictures. Instead we got to enjoy a great view and the great ambiance of NYC.
We also bought Darren's taxi souvenir right on the bridge. How cute are these little cars for little boys?

Now as for lunch, Tim knew about Lombardi's so he took me to some good ol' NY pizza. Nothing completes a day in NYC than pizza right? It hit the right spot for the both of us.

Little Italy happened to be close by so we thought we would walk through it to say that I have been there on our way to our next destination. It wasn't really what I expected. Just a small little street and their gelato...fake. I guess I might be a little harsh after living in Europe but I mean...come on.

Last time I visited the World Trade Center area was when Natalie was just 6 weeks old and I had only seen the construction sight for the rebuilding. This time I was able to go see the Freedom Tower and the reflection pool complete! After I took my pictures around the pool I turned around to look around the block and envision what it may have been like on 9/11. I tried envisioning the panic, the shock, the questions...the moment the first tower fell...the second...what a scary, scary thought. I couldn't help but feel very vulnerable as an American.

Another unexpected stop on this day was the New York City Temple. Seeing the angel Moroni right in the middle of the city was a happy sight.

Lastly, Central Park. I have never been to Central Park. It is a lot like the Royal parks in London. It took me back to my city life experience. Everyone sunbathing in the grass, picnics with family and friends... So Tim and I just did that. We sat ourselves in a nice shaded spot and enjoyed the ambiance once again. It is funny that with our city life in busy London we found ourselves at the park taking time out to breathe and relax a lot more than we do in our current suburban life. I really miss doing this. Check out this view!

For dinner, this preggo wanted the famous Shake Shack. We didn't go to the original location. We went to the one by Central Park instead and arrived at the perfect time too. Our wait was not long at all. But as we were leaving, the line was wrapped around the corner.
I actually really liked my Shack Burger and strawberry milkshake. I think the milkshake is way better than In-n-Out. And I think the baby in my tummy really appreciated my bites for the night too... :)

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shannon said...

Looks like a fabulous trip! Nice to see you get your travel back on ;)


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