Friday, June 13, 2014

Last day of preschool

We loved Natalie's first year of preschool in the UK and her second year of preschool back in the states has been just as wonderful.  Little did I know, until I arrived at her preschool orientation, that like half her class were people from church! It was such a pleasant surprise and a great source of comfort and easy transition for us all.  Natalie got to join a carpool with her friends who not only live close and go to church with her, but also go to school with her! Is this not the cutest carpool you have ever seen?

They have become such cute friends of Natalie's and I absolutely loved hearing all their cute little conversations and comments in the car. {Harper, Natalie, Ellie}

We also lucked out on having 3 great wonderful teachers who really took the time to love and to get to know my little Natalie.

{Mrs. Debbie}: Who whispered to me that Natalie was her favorite... ;)

{Miss Kendra}: Who also whispered to me that Natalie was one of her favorites...

{Mrs. Leah}: Who is the sweetest, nicest, cutest, preschool teacher ever! As sad as Natalie was to walk away after her preschool party knowing that she wasn't going to come back, she does look forward to going to the same school as big sister Marisa. Kindergarten here we come!

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